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Early Victorian Silver Peridot Paste Necklace

Very pretty early Victorian (1830s) silver and peridot paste necklace.
Early Victorian silver and peridot paste necklaceEarly Victorian silver and peridot paste necklace
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Closed Back Settings

Unique and very pretty sterling silver necklace dating from around the 1830s (late Georgian/early Victorian) featuring sparkling peridot coloured paste stones, a barrel clasp and a heart shaped tassel.

In a jewellery making technique which was typical of the Georgian/early Victorian period, the paste stones are in closed settings with foil backing to give them the peridot colour. 

One unusual feature of this necklace is that the links are curved to enable it to fit the neckline properly.

Paste stones were a common feature of Georgian jewellery and were highly sought after in their time. In those days it wasn't possible to cut and shape gem stones in the way that we can today and jewellery had to be made around the shape that the gems were in. Using paste (glass) stones gave the jeweller the ability to use the shapes they wanted.

Not dated as is common with this age of jewellery (hallmarking not mandatory in the UK until 1973) but tests as sterling silver with jeweller's acids.

Length of necklace is 44cm (without tassel). Length of tassel is 4cm.

Originally purchased in the UK.