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17th Century Portrait Miniature Pendant/Brooch

Fantastic portrait miniature c.1650 in pinchbeck frame with pendant and brooch fittings.

Fantastic opportunity to acquire a 17th century portrait miniature set into what we think may be a later pinchbeck frame with both pendant and brooch fittings. Glass to both the front and back. The back houses some sort of water silk fabric which tones in with the subject's gown. Remnant perhaps?

The watercolour portrait is a very fine example of a subject in all her 17th century finery. From our research we think she dates from around 1650. Pinchbeck was a gold substitute invented in England in the early 1700s.

The frame measures 5.8cm x 5cm, the watercolour measures 5cm x 4.2cm. Weighs 34.5g. In excellent condition.

The sale includes a protective box (not the original!). Originally purchased in the UK.