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Antique Jewellery Online Now!!Art Deco Platinum Diamond and Sapphire Ring

David's online store has now been launched!

David's collection of antique jewellery as well as his own handmade jewellery is available online now.

Using secure payments via Paypal (customers do not need to have a Paypal account), bank transfer or over the phone, it's too late now to snap up this stunning art deco diamond and sapphire ring, but there are plenty of other antique jewellery treasures to be had!

Check them out for yourself!

Buying Antique Jewellery On Ebay: Don't Get Duped!

Victorian Rose Gold Garnet  RingBeen searching for antique jewellery to buy on eBay lately? Have you been more than a little suspicious over the sheer number of items available at rock bottom prices? Don't some of those bargains look just too good to be true? OF COURSE they do!

Just a couple of mouse clicks into eBay's jewellery category and you are confronted with an ever increasing, bewildering array of 'rare' 'estate' jewellery propping up the 'genuine antiques' section which have probably fallen off the back of a Chinese factory assembly line to be there.

But how do you separate the good from the bad; the new from the old; the real from the fake; the bling from the bong, etc..? Here are some top tips from one antique jewellery seller trying hard to avoid being tarred with the same phony brush:

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Antique Jewellery as an InvestmentEdwardian Gold Peridot  Diamond Ring

Antique jewellery can look very stylish and pretty, but have you ever thought of it as a potential investment? In the last few years, people have begun to re-examine what it truly means to make a safe investment. Businesses and individuals have both lost huge sums of money in the current world economy. The whole experience has been a pretty scary one as people have tried to figure out how to protect their wealth and that fear is still present today. Thankfully, antique jewellery offers an investment option that has been around for many, many years.

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Wedding rings: Why we wear them where we do!his and hers white gold wedding rings

Why do we wear wedding rings? And which hand are we supposed to wear them on and why?

The wedding ring traditions of different countries and cultures include many traditions which may be unfamiliar to you, but even in the western world, there are different ideas on these traditions. There is some disagreement about how these traditions began and what they were originally intended for. But one thing's for sure - wedding rings everywhere are a way of showing the world the commitment that a couple have made to one another.

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Diamond engagement rings: Choose wisely!

When it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring, if the price is too good to be true, unfortunately, it usually is. With only a month until Valentine's Day, you may be searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring for that special someone. But before you buy that discounted diamond ring in the jewellery store or online, you need to know how to choose a good quality diamond. You should also consider using a jeweller who can offer excellent craftsmanship and flexibility in creating a specially handmade engagement ring that you'll be proud to propose with. Check out these top tips for choosing diamonds.

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