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Black diamonds and why I don't like them!

Look, if you really want a black diamond it's your choice but I'm not that keen - and here's why!

Once upon a time there was a heap of leftover black carbon crystals that nobody wanted and nobody knew what to do with. Then along came a clever marketing fairy who said, "Let's think of a way of making them really popular so we can charge lots of money for them." And lo! black diamond jewellery was born!

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The Real Cost of Cheap Jewellery

Question: Do you know where your jewellery comes from? How much do you care?
When you're shopping for jewellery, it's hard to be a conscientious consumer, particularly when you're tempted by the ever decreasing prices. But the reality of cheap, overseas made jewellery can make your eyes water. Literally.

The tragedy at the Bangladesh clothing factory has left Australian fashion retailers with some awkward questions to answer, as highlighted in a recent ABC 7.30 Report. But, as most consumers are probably already aware, the clothing industry is not the only one that should be under scrutiny.

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Art Nouveau White Gold Cameo BroochAntique Jewellery: Real or Repro?

Behold that gorgeous antique brooch you've been staring at for the last few days on the internet! It's obviously Art Nouveau, isn't it?

It's often very difficult to distinguish from a genuine antique jewellery piece and a good reproduction. Here are some key points that you need to know before you shop and pay for what you think is a Victorian piece of jewellery only to find out that it's a clever reproduction.

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