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How to make a custom engagement ring

Ever wondered how someone might make a custom engagement ring by hand?

Many engagement rings in the shops are cast, mass produced and often hollowed out but commissioning a custom engagement ring from a Master Jeweller like Siobhan ensures you get a unique, bespoke piece of excellent quality that will last a lifetime. What's more, without needing to add on the cost of any store overheads to our prices, it means you get fantastic value for money - and it's more affordable than you'd think!

Check out these photos below of how a custom engagement ring with princess cut and baguette diamonds was made.

Handmaking fine jewellery such as an engagement ring certainly is a labour of love that requires meticulous attention to detail. If you'd like a custom engagement ring together with photos of the whole process, contact Siobhan today to discuss what you'd like.

Stages of handmaking a custom engagement ring

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