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Commissioning Jewellery - including Engagement and Wedding Rings

What you need to know about commissioning custom jewellery - including engagement and wedding rings.

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How much will it be to remodel my jewellery? 519
How should I take care of my new jewellery? 423
Do you do titanium and tungsten rings? 540
Help! I don't know what kind of engagement ring she'd like! 881
Give me one reason why I shouldn't buy my rings from a shop 677
I can't come for an appointment to see you - is that a problem? 672
Does the diamond come with a certificate for insurance purposes? 1802
Do you guarantee your work? 1728
Can you make me a ring for $200? 2007
Will it be cheaper in silver? 1775
Can you melt down the gold from old jewellery to use in new jewellery? 8148
Can I get cheap diamonds off the internet and get you to set them? 1039
If we already have our own stones, can you set them for us? 1913
I know what I want, can you just tell me how much it would be? 2113
Do you do computer aided designs? 1775
How long will it take to make the ring? 1864
Can you copy jewellery from a picture I have? 1931