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Give me one reason why I shouldn't buy my rings from a shop

I'll give you four!

  1. You'll get much better quality and therefore much better value for money. The mass produced rings in the shops are not built to last forever. Sometimes you're lucky if you get a year's wear out of them without a problem! By handmaking a ring, I'll be using traditional techniques which have been used throughout history. If you've ever admired an antique ring for its longevity, it's because it's been handmade. I make jewellery that can be handed down to the next generation.
  2. You can decide which diamond or gemstone you'd like to have in it by choosing from a selection I should be able to order in for you.
  3. If you ask me before I get started, I can take photos of the different stages of the making process - for you to have at the end as an extra keepsake.
  4. You won't end up with an engagement ring the same as everyone else's (see screenshot image below)!

the same engagement ring that everyone else has got