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You've got your new jewellery - now whaddaya do with it?

Firstly, wear it - obviously.

Nextly, you'll want to take it to your nearest independent valuer so that they can value it for insurance purposes. You can find one on the National Council of Jewellery Valuers website. It's not absolutely necessary to take your diamond certificate if you have one but if you do it helps the valuer. taking care of your jewellery

Then check with your insurance provider to see if your new jewellery is covered by your policy or whether it needs to be insured seperately. Then double check with them to see how it's covered in the event of a claim; Will you be able to replace it from the same jeweller? Or will you be obliged to go to their chosen jeweller (with whom they'll have a special arrangement)? 

Read more about insuring your jewellery.

If David has made your jewellery, you can come along to the studio at any time by appointment to get it cleaned and checked for free. If coming to see us isn't convenient, you can usually clean your jewellery with soap, warm water and a toothbrush! That's pretty much what David uses along with the ultrasonic cleaner.

Contact David if you'd like to get your jewellery cleaned and checked (or if you'd like a ring made similar to this one David made earlier in the year!).