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How much will it be to remodel my jewellery?

How long is a piece of string? ;-)

Firstly, is it just a case of changing one or two elements of your jewellery? Or is it a total remake using your materials?

If you just want to tweak it a bit and keep the integrity of the piece, such as changing the band of a ring, take a look here.

If it's a full remake and you have enough materials (eg. gold) to reuse in making something new and David doesn't need to add any more, then the cost will be totally determined by the time it takes to make the new piece.

How long it takes to make a new piece will depend on how simple or complex the agreed design is.

For example, the plain ring below will be quicker and therefore cheaper to make than the more complex sapphire and diamond ring because of the amount of time it would take to make the stone settings, set the diamonds and make the extra twiddly bits!

 Remodelled jewellery

So if you have something you want to remodel and would like to ask David about it, just let him know what you've got, what it's made of and what you'd like it made into!

He will then agree a design with you before quoting because only then will he know how long it is likely to take and whether he will need to add any more gold, etc.

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