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I know what I want, can you just tell me how much it would be?

comparing diamondsYes and no - here's why... (or scroll to the bottom for the shorter answer!)

The cost of say an engagement ring will depend on how much gold is used, the current price of gold, how many hours it takes (ie, the more complex, the more time it will take), the size and quality of the stone (since diamonds for example come in a range of colours and clarity) and the type of stone settings involved.

There are SO many variables affecting the price of a diamond - and of course no two diamonds are exactly the same. Similar variables are involved with other gemstones. This link helps explain why giving an instant quote on a diamond ring can be a bit tricky! http://on.fb.me/13uCGiK

Prices of previously commissioned rings are not published on the website for reasons of privacy and the fluctuating prices of gold and diamonds. David finds it really difficult to give a ballpark figure on a ring because usually the price of any ring can be made cheaper/more expensive according to the size/quality of diamonds used.

Because he works differently to the usual jewellery stores, David can make rings to suit most budgets. So he prefers to ask how much you want to spend and then try to get you the best size/quality stones for your money.

But just as a price indicator.... We've had more than one customer tell us our handmade engagement ring prices are comparable to a well known chain of jewellery stores (rhymes with Dichael Bill ;-) ) - but for a handmade item instead of mass produced and for much better quality materials, eg. nicer diamonds.