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Can I get cheap diamonds off the internet and get you to set them?

comparing diamondsYes... but....be careful of diamonds that seem too good to be true. They usually are!

Obviously there are cheap options out there and David is happy to set any good quality stone that you already have, but he can take the risk out of buying a stone unseen.

We don't buy diamonds unseen and neither should you!

Whilst a diamond can sound like a great deal from its online description, the risk lies in where exactly the inclusions are. One VS2 diamond is not the same as another VS2 - it really is best to see a diamond at first hand. For example, if an inclusion is too close to the edge of a stone, it can make it more vulnerable to fracture.

With access to affordable, conflict-free diamonds, David can provide you with a choice of stones so that you can see at first hand the difference in grades and colours before deciding which one will best suit your budget. Else, if you can't get to David's studio to choose between diamonds, he is happy to make a recommendation for you based on a careful comparison.

This link explains a bit more about comparing diamonds: http://on.fb.me/13uCGiK

David reserves the right to refuse to set any diamonds that are fracture filled or clarity enhanced.

And please don't ask him to set an internet bought diamond in an internet bought ring - that's just a bit insulting!