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Can you melt down the gold from old jewellery to use in new jewellery?

Gold ring made from client's old ringsRecycling gold or melting gold jewellery to make a new piece is a great way of using jewellery of sentimental value - or to save a bit of money on the current eye-watering cost of gold - and Siobhan has made many pieces this way. The gold ring pictured here for example was made using the client's old gold rings.

If you have gold jewellery which you don't wear but still has great sentimental value, it could be reused in your wedding or engagement rings to make them even more special.

White gold cannot always be recycled from old jewellery into new jewellery due the different alloys used by other manufacturers but most yellow golds can be melted down and reused. So if you have yellow gold that you'd like to reuse it should be ok - subject to it being weighed and tested.

Alternatively, we can accept your old white or yellow gold (subject to it being weighed and tested) as part exchange for a new piece of jewellery. We will be happy to give you the equivalent of what we would get from scrapping gold at the bullion dealers which is higher than what the usual gold buying places tend to offer.

Please contact us for current gold prices as these change on a daily basis.