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Can you make me a ring for $200?

The short answer is no! Here's the long answer...

The way we cost up a handmade commission is like this:

cost of materials + hours required to make it

So if you already have the materials, the remaining cost is all down to the man hours it takes to make.

Similarly, if you hoped to save money by having something made in silver, you still have to factor in the time it will take to make.

A simple plain band can take half a day to make, so imagine how long a more detailed ring might take, especially if it requires lots of holes to be drilled out for stones/gems.

However, most of our engagement ring clients have found out that they can save quite a bit of money on shop prices (where jewellery is cast and massed produced) by having their ring handmade. For reasons we don't quite understand, we often work out cheaper and certainly always more cost effective since handmade jewellery is made to last.