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Does it come with a valuation or appraisal?

Not usually. Here's why...

The practice of offering for sale jewellery with an appraisal or valuation (valued by the people that sold it to you) is a scam that's widely accepted by insurance companies. Many jewellery companies want their customers to believe they are getting more for their money than they actually are. And of course insurance companies are more than happy to receive your payments to insure that item for that amount.

We always recommend our clients obtain an independent valuation of their jewellery. There are a few select pieces available here which have been independently valued - but this is not our normal practice.

A valuation is always significantly more than the commercial value of an item - often more than double. Whilst offering an item for sale with a valuation certificate might enhance its appeal and authenticity, it is not an accurate reflection of its current market value.

Click here for a great article from Jeweller magazine about the practice of selling jewellery with a valuation.

If you're not satisfied with your purchase you can return it for a full refund within 7 days of receipt. Your purchases online are also protected by Australian Consumer Law.