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Handmade Jewellery

handmade jewelleryBuying handmade jewellery affords the opportunity to obtain a unique design of a significantly higher quality than mass produced jewellery you find in the high street shops. A reputable jewellery designer will ensure that quality is evident because their personal reputation is at stake. Plus knowing what materials you are paying for ensures that the piece will have the finest and purest metals. This is what makes handmade jewellery the top choice for special occasions that will last a lifetime.

Buying handmade jewellery doesn't mean that you have to pay a higher price for it in many cases. As there are fewer overhead costs for a jeweller such as Siobhan, operating from a home based studio, you can often find better value for money than you would in a high street jewellery store. Handmade jewellery doesn't always have to be expensive, despite what many people might think. Even though a piece may take longer to produce, there are not so many layers of production that have to be paid. This cost savings can be passed on to you and some think of it as an art-form to be appreciated, cherished and handed down to the next generation.

handmaking jewelleryFor this reason, handmade jewellery allows you to create a unique look. You aren't restricted by the latest store fashions or generic designs, and you don't have to worry about wearing the same jewellery that everybody else is wearing. If you're interested in a range of styles, such as Victorian, Art Deco and other popular or vintage jewellery styles you can commission jewellery to be handmade to reflect your tastes.

Instead of making do with mass produced jewellery, you may as well find something that you really love, instead of just like. Those that like unique jewellery that fits their personal style will consider carefully designed handmade jewellery that sets the trend, instead of merely keeping up with it.

BEWARE! Many jewellery stores will tell you something is hand made or hand finished when it isn't. If in doubt, ask where the piece is made. If it's overseas, the chances are it's mass produced by casting. 'Hand finished' might just mean that an actual human being polished it at the end of the process. One of the biggest retail jewellers in Melbourne once tried to tell us that a very expensive ring in their display was handmade - but it definitely wasn't. A good bench jeweller can spot that straight away.

To find out about commissioning your own piece of handmade jewellery, contact Siobhan today.

30 Years in the Jewellery Trade!

If you follow us on social media, you'll know that 2017 marked 30 years of my being in the jewellery trade! 

This is how I got started as a jeweller and how much has changed in over quarter of a century - yikes!

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