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Jewellery Repairs, Resizing, Remodelling

If you've just received a scary looking quote from a high street jewellery store to remodel, resize or repair jewellery, then look no further!David Frith at work

A true story: One client was referred to David because she wanted her new engagement ring resized. The well known jewellery store she bought it from had told her it would take at least a week to send away for resizing but she needed it sooner for her engagement party. David resized it quickly and the amount he charged (though he didn't realise at the time) turned out to be less than half the amount the shop would have charged her - and they sold it to her!

Top tip: If you buy a new ring from a store they should not charge you for resizing it!

Many of David's clients have come to him after getting shoddy service from some well known jewellery shops - most of which have to send their jewellery repairs and alterations to off site workshops, leading to lengthy delays for the customer.

From ring resizing and jewellery repairs to remodelling a piece of jewellery that isn't fashionable any more, if you have something that needs a pair of expert eyes to assess quickly, then David can quite possibly save the day!

Contact him today to arrange a no obligation consultation or, if you're handy with a camera, send him some photos showing as much detail as you can and David will reply with his recommendations. Alternatively, if you're not on the Sunshine Coast, you can send him your jewellery for appraisal if you include an express post bag for return delivery (in case you decide not to go ahead with the work). Please contact David first to let him know that you're sending him something.

N.B. Please ensure you post your item via registered or express post with 'signed for'.

Remodelled engagement ring

This inherited engagement ring made the diamonds look really dark. The bride-to-be wished to keep the diamonds for sentimental reasons but wanted a more modern look. The ring that David made transformed the look of the diamonds in their new 18ct white gold bezel settings.

Repaired engagement ring

The claws on this ring had worn away resulting in the loss of the central tourmaline stone. The client decided now was a good excuse for a change of look so we chose a stunning emerald, replaced another 10 claws to secure all the stones and gave it a good clean!