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If you're looking for a unique gift or maybe a piece of jewellery that will stand out from the rest, check out Siobhan's collection of carefully selected antique jewellery.

For something more modern, why not take a look at his own handmade jewellery designs?

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Carved Whitby Jet Necklace c.1890

Fine carved Whitby Jet necklace c.1890

Sales price: $ 550.00

Early Victorian Silver Peridot Paste Necklace

Very pretty early Victorian (1830s) silver and peridot ...

Sales price: $ 795.00

Edwardian 14ct Gold Tourmaline Bangle

Beautiful Edwardian solid gold bangle with green tourmalines

Sales price: $ 1400.00

Edwardian Gold Pearl Bangle - Original Box

9ct gold and pearl bangle c1910 with original green velvet ...

Sales price: $ 720.00

Edwardian Gold Pearl Lapis Marquise Ring

Very striking 18ct gold ring fully hallmarked for Chester ...

Sales price: $ 435.00

English Edwardian 9ct Gold Gate Bracelet

Edwardian 9ct gold gate bracelet hallmarked for 1905.

Sales price: $ 860.00

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French 18ct Cannetille Diamond Earrings c.1830

Very rare 1830s French 18ct cannetille gold, diamond and ...

Sales price: $ 1795.00

French Victorian 15ct Gold Pearl Locket

19th century 15ct gold and pearl locket hallmarked France ...

Sales price: $ 510.00

George V Ruby Old Diamond Boat Ring

Gorgeous 18ct gold, natural ruby and old cut diamond ring ...

Sales price: $ 590.00

Georgian 18ct Gold Diamond Ring

Gorgeous Georgian (c.1810) 18ct gold ring with approx ...

Sales price: $ 750.00

Georgian Gold Diamond Coral Earrings

Gorgeous Georgian (c.1830) carved coral earrings with gold, ...

Sales price: $ 950.00

Georgian Gold Miniature Portrait Pendant

Pretty Georgian (c.1800) 9ct gold locket with watercolour ...

Sales price: $ 490.00

Georgian Seed Pearl Ring c.1830

Fine Georgian (c.1830) 15ct gold seed pearl ring with pink ...

Sales price: $ 565.00

Gold curb chain

9ct gold curb chain

Sales price: $ 200.00

Gold Dolly Charm

Cute 9ct gold dolly charm. Contact us for price.


Handmade Gold Moonstone Ruby Ring by David

One-off 18ct gold ring with moonstone and ...

Handmade 18ct Gold and Silver Spot Ring by David

Planished sterling silver ring with 18ct gold spots

Sales price: $ 840.00

Handmade Gold Cross Pendant by David

Unique solid gold cross pendant, handmade by David

Sales price: $ 610.00

Handmade Gold Diamond Ring by David


9ct yellow gold ring with rose gold wire ...